Ok, so there are two possibilities, here. Either wireframes suddenly got massively, hilariously amusing, or he has the ability to produce solidly good work and find stuff to laugh at, simultaneously. He's the quiet chuckler. Every office has one. You know, where everyone else just sits there blank-faced and then there's the guy who's clearly a step ahead of the rest of us because he genuinely just keeps laughing at whatever it is he's reading.

First I thought it might be stuff to do with his kids. They're drawing funny people with huge heads and stick arms or something to that degree. Or maybe he has someone on the payroll to literally sit there and pull clown faces on a pay-per-view basis. Whatever it is, I need to get on it because there is no way the laughter to for crying out loud JUST TELL US WHAT YOU'RE LAUGHING AT ratio can continue.

And it's not like he even leaves his laptop lying around for me to at least view open tabs. The man is literally a big laughing mystery. And he needs to be stopped. Partly on the basis that being a miserable old bat, I find rejoicing in the pleasure of others hugely challenging, but mostly because I have actually grown to fear the day he enters Jolly Mitosis and splits to form potentially endless mini laughing Ari men and then they in turn take over the world and there'll be nowhere left for us misery guts lot to sit.



  • Raises his arms when he has something to say. Ok, so not fully, but maybe to the halfway point a child would in class. Sometimes, it's only partly arm and mostly index finger.
  • Loves everything Google. (<--- respect)
  • And yet to an extent, in alpha male-esque no, we will not ask for directions, we will find it ourselves, will refuse to google answers to certain things and instead, find his own way there.


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