Incredible, bordering on super-human ability to literally maintain the same facial expression for hours. I'm aiming to test this out on an industrial, properly experimental scale, but there are far too many variables- phone ringing and whatnot. Pity.

It's quite sweet, actually. For those who don't know, Anthony sits next to Ryan. They compliment each other perfectly and are quite a pleasure to watch, especially in moments of extreme office intensity. Anthony listens to the radio.  I know he listens, because when he doesn't like what he hears, he changes the station. A more laid-back character, he's sort of the water to Ryan's fire. Don't get me wrong, the man is insanely competent when it comes to getting things done- literally, works like a machine, but there's a more placid string to his bow. 

Further observations:

The man has a business mind. It's a pity he has that whole look "how long I can hold my face in the same expression for" thing going on. If it weren't for that, I might be able to gauge the speed at which the calculator that is his brain operates. You know the area in most peoples' heads that even functional MRI scans show as 'nope, still grey fluff'?  Yeah, in his head, it's just CASIO all over the shop. If the man weren't my boss, I'd have fun going up to him and poking various areas of his face to see what digits they produced.

Likes lunch. Lunch lunch lunch. The man likes his lunch. He'll be the first to suggest it come 1pm-ish. Appears limited in ability to wait before heading out to it. Maxium time-frame seen thus far- 28 minutes.

Been in business too long to be in any way shape or form seduced by flattery. Which is actually really irritiating for me, because I was going to add further points, but they paint him in a favourable light and I'm way past having used up my bandwith of suck-up for like, the entire year.


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