17 January 2014


Make it pretty, they ask. And shiny and seamless and slick with a cherry on top. And so we gather up our elves and a big chalkboard and fill it with detail and tailoring and all the invisible thread we can find to stitch together the most beautiful website you ever saw. No glitches, no templates, no looking like all the other sites out there.

The other elves don't like us. They say we pay too much attention to detail. That we keep them awake with our lights on far into the night. Use open-source content management systems they didn't think of. Get approached by bigger and bigger clients. It's lonely out here, ahead of the competition. Pity us, and bring us cakes to cheer our poor, talented souls.

We wove our magic for L.K.Bennett. And watched their shiny new site gather 95,000 visits within its first five months. We wove it for jewellery designer EABURNS. Fom the pages of Marie Claire and Grazia to the ears, necks and wrists of X-Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger and Strictly's Alesha Dixon, her stunning pieces are everywhere. Then Pressels came along and said so here's the deal. Our pretzels are out of this world, make our website match? We're on it, we said. And so to work did go our elves and look at the glory we produced pressels.com

They won't complain often, but sometimes, an elf needs a bigger workspace and better coffee. So we packed up shop and moved here:

To a big building with a lift and windows that overlook a big old chimney for that authentic East End look.

The elves took a look around and thought for a little while and then said yes, here is where we will work. From here will we hammer and screw and build up BLT Deli and Engraver's Guild and Albion In The Community and luxury wine emporium, Hedonism Wines. There's nothing like waking up on our little straw beds, they said, and hearing the first six months of state-of-the-art web revamp have resulted in over £100k for our friends over at Hedonism. Or that ethical, sustainably-sourced EABURNS has been nominated for Britain's Friendliest Business Of The Year. Glasses are too heavy for our stubby little arms to raise, they said, but if we could, we would.  

So here's to great web design, digital solutions and social media, which we've been getting more into, both with our clients loving our social media management services and because, well, who doesn't love a bit of messing around on Facebook.

We figured we should probably wrap this up with a nifty graph demonstrating the evolution of web design or the like. Preferably one littered with statistics and informative facts and figures about serious marketing and web design. We were going to post one. Like, a really busy one. With SEO and HTML and CMS and SQL and then we thought, nah. 

Because informative things are informative.



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