We deliver return on investment solutions to meet clients’ business objectives and campaign aims.

Our digital strategies enable clients to listen to their customers, talk to potential markets, engage with relevant audiences and increase revenue opportunities.

At Click Here, we share one common trait that underlines the ethos of the agency. It’s about giving solid, honest advice that our clients and colleagues can trust.

We value clients who value creativity, yet we know that our value has to be demonstrated and earned.

Don't do for the sake of doing

Don’t be surprised if we say no, It seems obvious to us, but we believe in long term relationships that benefit both parties, rather than making a quick buck.

Understand, Specify, Deliver, Refine

Great work starts with a great strategy, so we take the time to fully understand your business, find you a unique position within your market and deliver a unique offering.

Our Methodology

Engineered to fulfil business and user requirements before starting expensive design and build stages. We're proud to be an honest agency, with transparency at the heart of everything we do.

Engleberg, Switzerland

We have clients all over the world, sometimes they make us do things like ski, and have fun.


Our entire team is flexible and 'on demand', maximising time and budgets.
We aim to deliver what the client needs, when they need it.


Ryan has worked in the digital world all his life, both client and agency side. Despite being a director here, he’s still one of the youngest people at the agency. Don’t let his age fool you though, he started his own agency at just 20, and behind that scruffy hair is a whole host of digital knowledge and passion.



Anthony is what we call, a marketer. Having started off client side, he soon moved to the agency world where he brought with him his passion for strategy. He’s the guy who will challenge your brief and ensure that whatever is created, is the most effective solution possible. He’s a no nonsense talker who is just as passionate about all things digital as he is about surfing.



Chris has worked with e-on, HP, Mccan Erickson and Microsoft to name a few, so naturally his next step was to steer Click Here Media into exciting new territories. He manages our team of developers working across the board; PHP, .net, MySql, HTML5, CSS3, content management systems, the list goes on...



Originally from the land of Braveheart, Haggis and deep fried pizza, Mark is our creative genius. Having a real eye for creativity and an original idea, he’s one of those creative types who gets excited about a font. Having been in the digital design world for over 13 years, Mark has worked in most sectors and doesn’t let a new design go out without being 100% confident it’s perfect.


Creative Director

Shashi is the most recent addition to our dev team, but he's easily the most dedicated. He's first at his desk in the morning and last to leave (Although Chris never leaves his desk). Sometime's he gets a little annoyed when things don't work - Shashi tantrums are common. But also adorable. 


Web Developer

Victor has worked at Click Here since the humble beginnings, when he's not bleeding our ears with his clarinet, his hunting bugs like there's no tomorrow. And considering the deadlines we're often faced with, it's a good job too. 


Web Developer

You think you know how people use websites? Ari is our User Experience genius. He will show you how varied the user journey can be. He will explain to you why the navigation needs to be in a certain position for a specific market. Don’t tell him, but he’s kind of important to what we do here at Click Here. No website goes out without his usability input at the start and his testing (to destruction) at the end.



Pat comes from the big agency world. You'll hear him talk about AGILE project management and other such exciting things. He knows stuff we didn't even know existed. He’s managed everything from million pound ecommerce web builds to Social media campaigns for some of the world’s biggest brands. Pat is the man who will make sure everything we produce is on time and in budget. He’s tough on our team, but he’ll be just as tough on you.


Project Manager

Stefania is Miss organised. She’s the girl who knows exactly what projects are being worked on at any one time. If you hear speech at 400 words per second in our office, that's Stefania. if you hear the sound of somebody dancing around knocking stuff over, that's Stefania too...


Account Executive

Mark has spent over 20 years working in the IT industry in both the U.K. and U.S. An experienced consultant, Mark has worked with organisations such as BT, U.S. Bank, Philip Morris and General Motors to name but a few, he's a real asset here at Click Here.

Mark B

Business Analyst

The rest of us think Joe practises Witch craft. He calls it SEO. Our in house SEO and PPC manager, there’s not much Joe doesn’t know about getting your website up the search rankings. He’ll keep it there as well. If he’s not looking at stats or key words, you might find him playing or watching football. Or in the pub.


Search Specialist

Whoever gave this guy a camcorder when he was a kid has a lot to answer for. Matt has worked all over the world on different projects from Adverts, Movies and even YouTube Videos. He produces, he creates, he directs, he even scripts. The original video guy. He’s even won a few awards for his work (go on, ask him about them, he’s a bit shy).


Video Production